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Canon Law: Dissertations and Licentiates

An introduction to the major resources available for the study of Canon Law.

Licentiate of Canon Law (J.C.L.)

Licentiate of Canon Law (J.C.L.) is the title of a graduate degree with canonical effects in the Roman Church offered by pontifical universities and ecclesiastical faculties of canon law.

Licentiate programs in canon law involve a study of the whole corpus of Roman Church law, understood in terms of its theological, philosophical, and historical background, and the method and practice of scholarly scientific research. Consequently, experts in canon law have a comprehensive understanding of the nature of law specifically in the life of the Church.

The license in canon law is required for a person to teach canon law in a pontifical university or seminary. The license is also the prerequisite to the doctorate (J.C.D.) in the same field. Furthermore, the degree is a prerequisite for several officers of Catholic ecclesiastical courts: judges (including the judicial vicar), the promoter of justice, and the defender of the bond possess this degree.


Licentiates in Canon Law--Theses

Licentiates in Canon Law Theses may be purchased from TREN, the Theological Research Exchange Network, provided they were published from 1984 onward.

Dissertations and Theses

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