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COMM 328: Comm of Race, Class and Gender: Magazines vs. Journals

A Library Research Guide for COMM 328: Comm of Race, Class, Gender

Scholarly Journal

  • Audience - scholars in  academic field
  • Readers have some understanding of the subject
  • Articles are refereed: must contribute to the existing body of knowledge in the field
  • Authors experts in the field
  • Generally no advertising, not a profit making enterprise
  • Generally few, if any pictures
  • Distributed mostly by subscription

Magazines vs. Journals



What is a "Refereed" (Peer-Reviewed) article?

Refereed, or peer-reviewed articles are ones which are reviewed by a board of editors who are expert in a given field.These readers/editors determine if the material submitted for publication adds something significant to a body of knowledge that already exists. Refereed (or peer-reviewed) materials are important to the research and the literature of most academic fields; they assure readers that the information conveyed is reliable and timely.

The term "scholarly materials" is often used to describe refereed (or peer-reviewed) materials. However,the term is not exclusive to refereed material. While non-refereed materials may not by scrutinized as intensely as refereed materials, they can still be considered scholarly (or academic.)


  • Audience is general public
  • No previous knowledge is required
  • Articles must help sell the magazine
  • Authors are not necessarily  experts
  • Carries lots of advertising, probably more than editorial content
  • Lots of glossy pictures
  • For sale at newsstands