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Resource Lists: How-To Documentation: Make Your List Visible/Invisible

Instructions for faculty and staff for adding and managing Resource Lists in Canvas

What Governs List Visibility?

Visibility is governed by both Start Dates and End Dates, and Draft/Published Status. Start and End Dates can be added at the List, Section, and Citation levels.

List Visibility via Start and End Dates

To add dates at the List level, click Edit in the top right corner. To restrict when the list contents become visible, enter a Start Date. To stop the list contents from being visible, enter an End Date. We recommend a blank End Date so students can refer back later in their degree programs.

Resource List Edit Button

Resource List Start and End Dates 

Add Start and End Dates to a Section

To edit a Resource List Section, click on the three dot menu to the right of the section name and click "Edit section":Edit Resource List Section

Section Start and End Dates work the same way as list-level ones, but only apply to the particular section:

Section Start and End Dates

Making a Section invisible is helpful if you want to keep a Section in your list to add possible readings to (i.e., a "To Be Determined" Section) but don't want your students to see it.

List Visibility via Draft/Published Status

Even if Start and End Dates are left blank, a Resource List still needs to be changed from DRAFT to PUBLISHED in order to be visible.

The Library staff will change the status from DRAFT to PUBLISHED after processing the list. You can change this setting as well:

Control Visibility of a Citation By Adding Start and End Dates to a Citation

To edit a Resource List citation's Start and End Dates, click on the Citation Title to get to the Citation Detail page. Scroll down to the "Visibility (restrictions)" area. There are two options: "Display Citation" and "Display Materials." To restrict visibility of the entire citation, enter dates from the past for "Display Citation" and to restrict only the access links, enter dates from the past for "Display Materials."

Citation Visibility area

To comply with copyright law, library staff will enter a Display Materials End Date for digitized materials added as fair use claims or items licensed for short-term use. After the entered date, students will still be able to see the citation, but will need to make other arrangement to access the full-text (Interlibrary Loan Request, visit a holding library, purchase through the publisher's site, etc.).