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Simmons: Quick Reports

A guide to using Simmons.

Using Quick Reports

Quick Reports provides quick information on a target (the people you want to study.)  The target could be an activity, interest, or buying habit.

  • Demographic Profile: age, gender, income, etc.
  • Segmentation: "consumer types" in key lifestyle areas (food, retail shopping, technology adoption, economic outlook, etc.)
  • Maps: the Quick Reports Index Map shows a color-coded map of various geographies by index.
  • Note: To activate the rest of the Quick Reports, you have to switch your study. Up at the top, where it defaults to the most recent Simmons NHCS Adult study, you need to change it to “Connect,” and choose the most recent “Simmons Connect Plus” study. Simmons Connect is the national study, plus additional technology and media usage data.

1. Select Your Study

When you enter Simmons, you are in the Crosstab view. Under the Essentials tab, choose Quick Reports.  To access all of the Quick Reports, change the default study to "Connect," and choose the most recent "Simmons Connect Plus" study.

2. Search for Your Target

To pick a target (the people you want to study), you can browse, or search. To browse, click on the ALL drop-down menu, and click open Simmons Data to view all of the categories. Or, you can enter your search word or keyword and let the system show you what options it finds.

Let’s say you want to look at people who eat at Chipotle the most, so Chipotle is basically their favorite restaurant. Type in Chipotle. You want to pick "visit mo" or the most. Since that's you're target consumer, hit the Target button.

3. The Base

To get a closer look at a demographic for this response, you can edit the search by changing the consumer base being considered. Simmons defaults to include all of the more than 25,000 respondents to the survey. If you only want a snapshot of consumers of a certain age who responded favorably to this question, for example, simply go back to the main search box above, and search by age. Keep in mind, this statistical data is less reliable than the previous report, because the sample size is much lower.

4. Select Type of Quick Report to Run

Click on the type of Quick Report you want to view, then click on the arrow to run the report.

  • The Demographic Profile provides basic statistics, information on median household income, median age, education, ethnicity and race, income, age, and gender (on people that eat at Chipotle's the most.)
  • The Segmentation Analysis gives you different segmentations defined by Simmons. Food Lifestyle is one; from the drop-down menu you can also look at Health and Well Being, Retail Shopping, Mobile World, Technology Adoption, etc.
  • The Quick Reports Index Map shows a color-coded map of various geographies by index.

To see the data behind these charts, click the Export button to export the Quick Report to Excel.

Click the Dashboard button to run another report.


Simmons Quick Reports: St. Thomas video tutorial