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Lawyering Skills III

Master the technical aspects of appellate brief writing, including formatting your brief and inserting a Table of Contents and Table of Authorites.

Table of Contents

Once you've formatted your brief, it's time to insert your Table of Contents.  (Haven't formatted your brief yet?  Head back to Step One, we'll wait).  This is probably the easiest part of the whole process.  Just a few clicks, a double check of formatting, and an update or two if something changes and you are done!  Here's how we do:

To generate and insert your TOC:

  1. Make sure your formatting characters are hidden (the paragraph symbol on the home tab is not highlighted)
  2. Go to top of your document > place cursor a couple spaces below the title "Table of Contents" (or where you wish your TOC to appear)
  3. Go to References --> Table of Contents --> select Insert TOC 
  4. On the dialogue box that opens, check that Show Page Number, Alignment, and proper Tab Leader are checked
  5. Click OK > your TOC will appear

Note:  At this point, the formatting of the actual TOC probably does NOT match the formatting in your document so you will need to modify your newly generated TOC.

Making modifications to your newly generated TOC page:

To modify heading sections in the body of your TOC do the following:

  1. Go to References --> Table of Contents --> Custom Table of Contents --> Modify 
  2. TOC 1 refers to Heading Level 1 in the TOC (TOC 2 to Heading Level 2 etc.)
  3. Select Heading Level you want to modify (e.g., TOC 1) --> Modify 
  4. Make formatting changes from the options and/or Format drop down
    1. Note: If you want more leader dots between heading and page number > Format drop down > Paragraph > right indent (try .5")
  5. Select Add to Template to save your formatting. You'll need to repeat this process for each Heading Style.
  6. Check "Automatically Update" --> OK
  7. After you complete making modifications for all levels --> OK --> OK --> OK --> Yes

Some modifications you may consider:

  1. To modify the title "Table of Contents"
    1. To match the title "Table of Contents" to Heading 1 style > highlight title > Styles subtab > click Heading 1
    2. If the title "Table of Contents" will be different from Heading 1 style > make changes at Home tab
  2. To modify individual elements in the body of the TOC (e.g., unwanted portions of underlining, bolding etc.), do the following:
    1. To remove unwanted underlining:
      1. Highlight portion to un-underline > Home tab > click underscore (the unwanted underlining should disappear)
    2. To remove unwanted bolding:
      1. Highlight portion to un-bold > Home tab > click bold (the unwanted bolding should disappear)

Tip:  If you find it difficult to highlight the portion you want (e.g., removing underlining and/or bolding of leader lines and page number), try highlighting backwards from the end of where you want to make a change back to the beginning of the portion you want to change.  Or go back to the Modify process and remove the underlining. Then highlight the area to underline and manually re-insert it using the Home tab underscore.

Update your TOC

Your Table of Contents can be updated at any time.  If you reordered your arguments, added a new section, or removed something, you’ll want to update your TOC.  Right-click and select ”update field,” then “update everything”.

Word for Mac, right-click on table of contents, cursor on "update field."