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Copy of International Intellectual Property: Generally

European Union

Intellectual Property: A uniform system of protection of intellectual property rights, ranging from industrial property to copyright and related rights, constitutes the foundation for creativeness and innovation within the European Union. Respect of the basic principles of the internal market (the free movement of goods and services and free competition) is based on standardization of intellectual property at European level.

Intellectual Property: Summary of Intellectual Property Policies in the EU. 

Copyright and Neighboring Rights Documents: EU Directives on Intellectual Property 

 Infringements (Copyright): Major commission requests on infringement. 

Bloomberg BNA Center

Intellectual Property Law Resource Center is a comprehensive legal research platform for IP practitioners. This dynamic service offers — on one easily searchable platform— a collection of full-text IP law decisions, daily domestic and international news, expert guidance, timesaving practice tools, and relevant laws and regulations.

World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO-Administered Treaties: The 26 treatises including the WIPO Convention. 

WIPO Lex: WIPO Lex is a one-stop search facility for national laws and treaties on intellectual property (IP) of WIPO, WTO and UN Members. It also features related information which elaborates, analyzes and interprets these laws and treaties. It provides streamlined access to reference material of key importance for optimal information on the global IP System

WIPO Reference: WIPO is the world's most comprehensive source of data on the intellectual property (IP) system, as well as of empirical studies, reports and factual information on IP. Whether you are seeking statistical, legal or technical information, this page is a gateway to our unique collections of resources and reference material. We make all our publications and data collections freely available online.

WTO-WIPO cooperation agreement: Agreement between the World Intellectual Property Organization and the World Trade Organization. 

WIPO Policy: Overview of Governing Bodies, Stand Committees and Diplomatic Conferences. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution: The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center is a neutral, international and non-profit dispute resolution provider that offers time- and cost-efficient alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options. WIPO mediation, arbitration, expedited arbitration, and expert determination enable private parties to efficiently settle their domestic or cross-border IP and technology disputes out of court. The WIPO Center also offers domain name dispute resolution services.

WIPO Arbitration Rules

WIPO Expedited Arbitration Rules

WIPO Electronic Case Facility (ECAF):The WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center aims to offer time and cost efficient mediation, arbitration and expert determination proceedings. To assist this purpose, the Center makes available, at the parties' option, the WIPO Electronic Case Facility (WIPO ECAF).

Secondary Sources

Cross-border: Intellectual Property & Technology: Get worldwide guidance on intellectual property and technology issues and more with our Multi-jurisdictional Guides and Q&A Comparison Tools - written by local expert practitioners