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Empirical Research in the Social Sciences and Education

Basic info, tips, & resources for finding empirical research, especially in Education, Graduate Psychology and Behavioral/Social Sciences

Citing Your Sources

UST offers various guides to help you cite your work correctly: 

Citation Managers are applications or websites that store and organize citation information. This means that a researcher using a citation manager can quickly find the sources that they are using, and can easily create bibliographies in a variety of citation styles and even create accurate internal citations while writing research papers.  Reach out to your department librarian to learn more about citation managers!

Citation Managers can help you:  

  • Cite in all major citation styles, with some specialized or custom styles    
  • Directly import from databases and the web    
  • Build bibliographies with a single click    
  • Cite using “cite while you write” Word integration    
  • May allow PDF attaching and annotating    
  • Allow you to share libraries or folders of citations with their researchers

Resources and Writing Tips

In addition to working with your subject librarian, Saint Thomas University has many offices where you can get coaching or obtain feedback on your writing and citations:

These books can also be of assistance: