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MKTG 714 Doing business in a post pandemic world: Getting Started

Use this guide to research specific international companies and the countries and industries in which they operate.

Country Overviews

Industry Overviews

Company Overviews

What if overviews are not enough?

You may very well find that your industry or company doesn't have it's own clean cut overview.  What do you do?  Alternative strategies include looking for articles in news and business publications.

Your Librarian

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Hey, one last thing before you go! Trade associations

Check trade associations to find out more about an industry. Trade associations educate and advocate for their industries, and therefore might collect data not available from any other source, including industry statistics, reports, trends, and more.  Articles you read often mention trade and industry associations by name; you can search for their websites.

World Bioenergy Association - 

American Hiking Society -