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Academic Community and Civic Engagement: Finding Articles

Finding articles

Finding scholarship on academic community engagement

Below are links to search tools and databases that can help you find scholarship of academic community engagement . 

Choosing keywords and phrases:

Different disciplines will tend to use different terms and some phrases may fall out of favor, however, those terms will still be used to describe older literature.

Some terms you might try include: "Community-based learning" "Civic engagement" "Community partnerships" and "Service Learning"


Our LibrarySearch tool searches across nearly all of our library databases, allowing you to find resources in multiple subjects and disciplines.  You can narrow results by format (eg. articles or videos), publication date, subject, and more.

Education-specific resources

These databases allow you to search the education literature. They're a good place to start if you're looking for articles about the pedagogy of service learning and community-campus partnerships.

Finding articles in other disciplines

If you are looking for articles on community engagement in specific disciplines, we recommend starting with your preferred disciplinary database.  Search for terms such as "Campus community partnership", "service learning", or "community based learning".