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LibrarySearch: Limiting Results

How do I limit my search results?

LibrarySearch has many built-in facets on the left side of the page to narrow your search to specific types of results. You can include or exclude types of resources, limit to local library collections, and more.

You can also use the scopes in the search bar to narrow or broaden the resources that you're looking at.


Facets and Scopes in LibrarySearch

After an initial search, you will see many options on the left to limit your search results.  You can click on "Show More" under each category to see a long list.  These options include:

  • Availability: Lets you show only certain resources, including items available in a St. Thomas library, peer-reviewed journals, and online resources.
  • Resource Type: You can pick the sorts of resources you want (like books and articles) or exclude those you don't want (like book reviews.)
  • Publication Date: Specify a publication date range for your search results by using the scroll arrows next to the dates or clicking in the date boxes to enter different years. Older dates can be helpful for primary sources or materials written contemporary with an event. Pick the most recent date if you want something newer. Once you select a date range, it will offer you additional date options.
  • Subject: These are based on book subject headings selected by librarians OR key terms from journal article databases.
  • Author/Contributor: If you are looking for material by a specific author, use this option. This may include corporate/organizational authors, not just specific individuals.
  • Regional Library: limit your search to another library in the MNPals consortium.
  • St. Thomas Library: limit to one of the St. Thomas libraries.
  • St. Thomas Location: limit to a particular St. Thomas collection (Children's Literature, Media Collection, etc.) This option does not include articles.
  • Language: this can be helpful if you want something in a particular language.
  • Journal Title: lets you pick articles or reviews from a particular journal.

If you make edits to your original search, the limits you set will disappear. You can “lock” filters so that they continue to be active throughout any edits you make to your search. Simply click on the filter to apply it (e.g. Peer-Reviewed Articles) and then hover over that filter for the option to make the filter persistent and click on the lock icon.


Persistent Filter in LibrarySearch




Removing Filters in LIbrarySearch

When you limit your search, the limits you pick are listed along the top of the page. Click on the "x" next to the limit to remove it, or select "Reset filters."


LibrarySearch allows users to exclude categories of items from the search results (e.g. exclude Books). When hovering over a filter, look for the red checkmark and click to exclude that category of item from your search.

Exclude Filter in LibrarySearch


If you want to see all catalog items with a specific author or subject, use the Browse feature at the top of the page.


Things to know when browsing:

1. You are only able to browse St. Thomas-owned items. Items held by other Regional libraries will not be included while browsing.

2. When browsing by title for items by an author or about an author, use the "Last Name, First Name" format

  • Shakespeare, William

3. When browsing by subject for items about a person, use the "Last Name, First Name" format

  • Lincoln, Abraham
  • Mao, Zedong

4. When browsing for a title, refrain from including stop words at the beginning of the title, such as a, the, is, at, which, and on.

  • Giver (instead of The Giver)
  • Tale of Two Cities (instead of A Tale of Two Cities)
  • Tree Grows in Brooklyn (instead of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn)
  • Kleine Nachtmusik (instead of Eine kleine Nachtmusik)

5. When browsing for corporate bodies, companies, musical groups, etc., the names should be entered in natural word order.