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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Impact on Business & the Economy: Getting Started

Providing resources on the pandemic's effects on business and the economy.

This guide is intended for use by our students and faculty as a resource for classes and research on the business and economic impacts of the pandemic. Traditional scholarly literature processes are deliberative, while the impacts are happening in real time; the intention here is to provide current information as best we can, from a mix of open web and library subscription resources.

If there is a resource you'd like to suggest, or have questions about how to use these and other tools to research something specific, please contact us. We are working from home.


Some of the content on this guide is copied or adapted with permission from materials from the Stanford University Libraries and the BUSLIB-L mailing list community.


Creative Commons License
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Impact on Business by University of St. Thomas Libraries is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Guidance for Businesses

Governmental Guidance

Recommendations and Policy Papers from Think Tanks, Consulting Groups, and Associations

Consulting Firm Search

The top business consulting firms often publish articles, reports, and white papers on business technology topics; to find them, use this aggregated search to find such documents on your topic.

This Google custom search is scouring the websites of Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Accenture, Bain & Company, Booz Allen Hamilton, Boston Consulting Group, IBM Global Business Services, McKinsey & Company, and Rand.

Selected Examples

Guidance for Nonprofits

Business Librarians

Professional reference services and research consultations are available to you (think of us as your consultant team). Feel free to contact one of the librarians listed below: 

John Heintz, Keffer Library, Minneapolis, (651) 962-4646,
Marianne Hageman, OSF Library, St. Paul, (651) 962-5404,
Andrea Koeppe, Keffer Library, Minneapolis, (651) 962-4647,

Your Librarian: John Heintz

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John Heintz
Business & Data Services LibrarianCharles J. Keffer Library, Minneapolis