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Writing Annotated Bibliographies: Getting Started

Guide to writing an annotated bibliography: Why and how. Great preparation for writing a literature review.

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

A descriptive and evaluative report of the scholarly communication, article by article, book by book, around a particular topic or issue

example of an annotated bibliography

How is an Annotated Bibliography different?

A bibliography lists the books, articles, blog posts, and websites you've cited in your paper.

An abstract or summary describes, generally without critiquing, a book or paper.

An annotation to an article analyzes, critiques and places the work in the larger context of scholarly communication.

An annotated bibliography evaluates the best, most interesting, most appropriate or most cutting edge works on a particular topic.

Why write an annotated bibliography? Why did your professor assign it?

  • For yourself: Help you analyze the books and papers you have found on your topic in preparation for your own paper or literature review.

  • For your professor: Let him or her know what your progress has been on your research and the intellectual path you've taken.

  • For others: Guide other students and researchers to the best and most appropriate books, articles, blogs, and websites on your topic.

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