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Vote 2016: How to Vote

Guide to the 2016 Elections

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th!


About this Guide

Find everything you need to vote intelligently this election season!

- Register to vote.
- Discover where to go and what you
  need on election day.
- Research the candidates and issues.
- Keep up with the latest political news.

Getting Ready to Vote in the General Election

The first step to casting your ballot on Nov. 8th is registering to vote.

Now that you are registered, you need to know where to go and how to do it.


And now make sure you know what you are voting for!


Or, if you're not from Minnesota, it's just as easy to vote absentee in your home state!  Check your registration / register / get your absentee ballot.

Decide where you reside

Student Voters: Do I register my current address or my hometown address?

Your residence is the place you consider your home. As a college student, if you consider your campus residence as your home, you may vote at that address. If you consider your parents’ residence or some other address as your home, you must vote from that address. You can only vote from one address in each election. More.

Re-register if you moved or got married

Do I have to register if I move or change names? 

You must re-register each time you change address, change names, or do not vote at least once during a four-year period. Update your registration by completing a new registration application

The Dos and Don'ts of Voting