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Special Education: Database tutorials

A guide for someone beginning to do research in special education.

Learn by watching

Are databases a scary challenge for you?  If so, these videos may be helpful in reducing the scary part!

Printed guides to PsycInfo & PsycTests

In addition to the tutorials (at the right), here are two printed guides that may also help you.

ERIC Search Tips

See the guide on searching ERIC for lots of tips and a video about using this database.

Basic searching in PsycInfo

This video has basic instructions for constructing a search, using the "Term Finder", and completing a search.

Basic searching in PsycTests

PsycTests is a valuable database for finding tests or assessment instruments.  This video will show the basics of searching this database.

Browsing for information in PsycTests

This video will show you how to use the 'browse' function to search for test information in PsycTests.

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