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Simmons OneView: Getting Started

A guide to using Simmons OneView.

Access Simmons OneView

What is Simmons OneView?

Simmons OneView provides data on adult U.S. consumers based on national surveys, and covers a wide variety of products, brands, and services. The data includes consumer demographics (age, gender, income, etc.), consumer psychographics (behavior, attitudes, etc.), product usage, spending behavior, and media habits. The data is from the Simmons National Consumer Study of 25,000+ U.S. adults. Use Simmons to create customized reports for marketing strategies, advertising choices, and other business decisions. There's also the Simmons National Hispanic Consumer Study (NHCS), which includes the same data as the NCS but asks additional questions of Hispanics. Restricted to UST students, faculty, and staff. Limited to 5 simultaneous users.


To sign on, click “Proceed.” Be sure to log out when you're done.

You'll notice that the screen is broken into three parts: far left column - the variables/questions, middle column - answers to the variables/questions, and the far right column - variable/answers selection. This is where you will build your search.


Simmons OneView screen


Running Simmons OneView

Simmons OneView is a web application. To use it, you need a modern browser with the Adobe Flash plug-in installed; it requires Adobe Flash Player version 10.2.0 or greater.

Simmons OneView User Guide