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Heresies and Heretics: Getting Started

In Catholicism, heresy is a controversial or unorthodox theological challenge that conflicts with scripture, Church Tradition, dogma, or doctrine.

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This research guide...

The purpose of this research guide is to provide an introduction to the basic resources for the study of doctrinal teachings, theological disputes, heresies and controversies of the Christian church.

Christian heresies

"During the first five centuries or so of Christianity, a number of false teachings, called heresies, about Jesus arose in the church.  They clustered into two main categories: one that denied Jesus' humanity, the other that denied his divinity." (Pennock, M.F. The Seeker's Catacheism; pg. 17)

Irenaeus of Lyons "Adversus Haereses"

Albigensian Crusade (1209–1229)

Good online reference source: Encyclopedia of Religion

St. Augustine of Hippo


Image: "St. Augustine and St. Monica"

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Marcion, of Sinope (2nd cent.)