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Library resources for when you need a distraction: Take a break

Need a break from studying or the news? The library has a lot of resources available to you if you just need a bit of a distraction

Take a break with the libraries

Welcome! Let the library help you take a break

illustration of a book with drawings coming out of it

While the libraries have a deep collection of resources for academic and research use, we also have many resources that you can enjoy when you just need a bit of a break.

We have books, music, films, and more, many of which are available to you online.  The resources on this guide are grouped by type:

  • Books: Get lost in a good book, or find a book about meditation, relaxation, and taking a break.
  • Films: We have a bunch of movies and films, including major motion pictures and documentaries and tv shows.  Many are streaming online, some are available on DVD.
  • Music: Nothing like music to soothe your soul. Take a look at our collections of music to enjoy
  • Magazines: We have an online collection of popular magazines like Sports Illustrated, HGTV Magazine, Knitscene, Dwell, and more!
  • Other distractions: Therapy pet photo gallery, coloring pages, and online jigsaw puzzles.



Image by Comfreak from Pixabay