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CPSY 701 - Qualitative Methods of Inquiry: Outline

Resources for learning about qualitative data analysis software for CPSY 701, Spring 2020

Qualitative Data Analysis - Library Outline

Before 4/16 Class

Please view the following videos about NVivo:

During 4/16 Class

  • Qualitative Data Analysis software & NVivo overview 
  • Trent's experiences with NVivo (see Design Framework below)
  • Pros & cons of using software vs. hand-coding
  • ACTIVITY: Design your qualitative study using the Design Framework 

After 4/16 Class

  • If you are still considering using CAQDAS software, check out the other tabs on this guide
  • Contact Trent with any questions


Project Abstract

This study puts forth a process of researching programmatic information needs, developing learning outcomes, and creating a curriculum map within the graduate-level Professional Psychology curriculum. Through content analysis of an entire year of syllabi and a survey of students, the information needs are gleaned using a grounded theory process, and then turned into learning outcomes. The curriculum map that results from determining which learning outcomes fit best within specific courses in the curriculum provides a guide for the instruction librarian to teach useful and relevant instruction sessions. This study aims to advance the knowledge of information needs of students in graduate Professional Psychology programs and to develop a method for integrating instruction to meet these needs.


Counseling Psychology Librarian

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Trent Brager
Keffer Library - MPLS
(651) 962-4662