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CPSY 700 - Intro to Doc Studies: Articles


Articles will likely form your understanding of your research topic and will make up a bulk of your literature review. Your main source to find articles should be from our psychology databases. Here are the most useful ones the St. Thomas Libraries subscribe to.


Psychology Databases

Your research topic may lend itself to other fields of study. If so, there are other databases that could be of use.


Databases for Other Disciplines

Locating Articles

Starting in PsycInfo will lead you to most of the articles we have access to in the field of psychology. However, you will find that there are some articles that we don't have in PsycInfo. If you see that we have "Full text" of an article, that means you can view, download, and save the article. Yay!

However, there are many articles that we don't have immediate access to. Instead of a "Full text" link, you will see the "Get It" button. When you click the button, it will check across all the articles we have at St. Thomas by doing a search in LibrarySearch. 

full text vs get it button

Tried the "Get It" button and LibrarySearch found the article in a different database.

finding article in a different database

Sometimes, though, even LibrarySearch can't find the article. Don't worry though! You can request any article and we'll try to track down a copy of it for you! Just fill out the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) form and we'll send you a PDF of the article if we can get it from another library. Most ILL requests are filled within 3-5 days.

no full text must request via interlibrary loan

Here are the different types of articles and how you can access them.

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