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Flute Resources: Flute Scores

Browse Flute Solo & Chamber Music in OSF LIbrary

M60-M64: Flute or alto flute alone
M110.P5: Piccolo
M240-M244: Flute or alto flute with piano accompaniment
M270.P45: Piccolo with piano accompaniment
M288-M289: Duets for two wind instruments (of all kinds)
M290-M291: Duets - one stringed and one wind instrument
M296-M297: Duets - one wind and one plucked instrument
M315-M319: Piano and two wind instruments
M320-M324: Piano, one string, and one wind instrument
M335-M339: Piano, one wind, and one plucked instrument
M355-M359: Three wind instruments
M360-M364: Three stringed and wind instruments
M375-M379: Three wind and plucked instruments
M380-M384: Three stringed, wind, and plucked instruments
Quartets, quintets, sextets, septets, octets, and nonets are found under these LC numbers (M400s, 500s, 600s, 700s, 800s, and 900s).

Concertos and similar pieces:
 Flute or alto flute with orchestra - full scores
M1020.5: Cadenzas for works for flute or alto flute with orchestra
M1021: Flute or alto flute with orchestra - piano reductions
M1034.P5: Piccolo with orchestra - full scores
M1034.5.P5: Cadenzas for works for piccolo with orchestra
M1035.P5: Piccolo with orchestra - piano reductions
M1120: Flute or alto flute with string orchestra - full scores
M1120.5: Cadenzas for works for flute or alto flute with string orchestra
M1121: Flute or alto flute with string orchestra - piano reductions
M1134.P5: Piccolo with string orchestra - full scores
M1134.5.P5: Cadenzas for works for piccolo with string orchestra
M1135.P5: Piccolo with string orchestra - piano reductions

How to search Scores by Call Number

Follow these direction so you can find scores in your instrument.

1. Go to LibrarySearch

2. Click Browse

2. Under Browse select: Library of Congress call numbers

3. Enter: M240 (this will bring results for flute and piano accompaniment)


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