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Winter Lights: Resources to help you thrive in the winter: What we love / hate about winter

What are your most and least favorite things about winter?

Winter Love

Winter sports   

The slower pace                                          

Shoveling after a snowstorm -  great workout

Sitting by a sunny window with a warm coffee or cocoa


White Snow

trees covered in snow

watching the birds and squirrels at my feeders

stark fragile beauty when it’s so cold

The way the sun shines on a cool-toned snowscape

... and Winter Dislikes

Long dark days inside

Deep cold

Loss of motivation

Cold and difficulty being outside

Duration - it’s too long


short sunny days

Cold cold cold

Icy sidewalks

Slush on sidewalks and scraping the car!

Photo credits: The Red Winter. Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash; Winter coat. Photo by Zhang Kenny on Unsplash