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Winter Lights: Resources to help you thrive in the winter: Things to do indoors


The suggestions below have come from library staff and participants of the Winter Lights series.  This page is updated after each session to add more idea.  

Have an idea to add?  Email it to Ann Zawistoski.


Winter Beach Party at Jimmy Lee Recreation Center

  • Saturday, Dec. 15, 2018. 1 - 5 pm
  • Free of charge. The Winter Beach Party is a fun way to forget the cold of winter. Join the Jimmy Lee Recreation Center/Great River Water Park for fun beach games, swimming, pictures with Santa, food, music, and much more.
  • Jimmy Lee Recreation Center, 270 Lexington Parkway N., St. Paul, MN

Get crafty

Find a yoga class

  • One person mentioned that there is often free yoga offered at the Lululemon stop at 870 Grand Ave in St. Paul
  • Another recommended hot yoga for people looking for more warmth during the summer.

Other places to visit

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Indoor water parks

Indoor gardens

These are indoor gardens (or portions of larger gardens) that are open to the public. In these protected gardens, plants from other climatic regions of the globe can flourish no matter what the weather outside may be.  These are great to visit if you want warmth and humidity and to see plants growing.  The University of Minnesota maintains a list of all public gardens in Minnesota.

[image description: a photograph of large palm trees in the greenhouse at the University of Minnesota. From]

Nearby places with a fireplace