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Constitutional Litigation Practicum


-Go to Bloomberg Law

-On the Law Homepage on the top toolbar there will be a dropdown menu named "Litigation & Dockets"

-On the right hand side, you have several options to view the various dockets as seen below

-From there, you have access to the dockets that Bloomberg has in its database

   -The docket will include all of the briefs, motions, and other materials that will be associated with the case or cases you are researching

      -You can search by date range, jurisdiction, keywords, parties, or company

Westlaw Forms, Briefs, and Expert Materials

-Go to Westlaw

-On the Homepage select "All Content"

-From here, select Forms, Briefs, or Expert Materials

-If you select forms, you will be able to select forms by state, topic, or publication

-If you select briefs, you will be able to select federal, state, or topical briefs

-Finally, if you select expert materials, you will be able to select by type or jurisdiction

   -The types of expert witness materials include: