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Council of Trent - 1545 to 1563: Biographies

The Council of Trent was the council of the Roman Catholic Church that met between 1545 and 1563 at Trent in S Tyrol. Reacting against the Protestants, it reaffirmed traditional Catholic beliefs and formulated the ideals of the Catholic Reformation.

Key Figures of the Council of Trent - search in CREDO Reference Source

Charles V (1500-1558), Holy Roman Emperor, r. 1519-1556, who led the
    campaign to hold the council

Paul III (Alessandro Farnese; 1468-1549), Roman Catholic pope, 1534-1549,
     who summoned the council

Julius III (Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte; 1487-1555), Roman Catholic
     pope, 1550-1555, who convened the second session of the council

Pius IV (Giovanni Angelo de' Medici; 1499-1565), Roman Catholic pope,
     1559-1565, who convened the last session

Francis I (1494-1547), king of France, r. 1515-1547, who resisted
     a council

James Laynez (1512-1565), Jesuit theologian at the council

Jerome Seripando (d. 1563), Augustinian theologian who was influential
    at the first council

Pope Paul III

Reginald Cardinal Pole

Portrait of Reginald Cardinal Pole....

Cardinal Gropper

Cardinal Charles Borromeo

Cardinal of Lorraine

Charles, Cardinal of Lorraine

Cardinal Ercole Gonzaga

Cardinal Seripando