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OPMT 650 - Principles of Information Technology Management: Product Information

How to find/evaluate costs

Because IT product costs can be based on many unique situational factors for both the company and its customers, finding exact numbers can sometimes be difficult. 

If you're having trouble finding information, try looking at:

Trade publications: These may contain information on pricing guidelines for professionals that has not been formally published elsewhere. 

Company websites:  These may contain ball park figures or cost ranges.  Publicly traded companies also include links to annual reports and SEC filings that will contain some level of spending and cost information, but there is no standard that all companies adhere to. 

News stories: Every so often, you might be able to glean some pricing information from a news story (especially if it is about any sort of litigation a company has been involved in). 


SEC Filings

SEC filings (for public companies only) will contain company spending and revenue information within balance sheets.  EDGAR is the Securities & Exchange Commission's (SEC) public website for finding and retrieving required periodic company information filings. Find more information at the following links:


Click the GET IT button in any database to get the full text of an article.  If UST Libraries doesn't own it, you'll be given an option to request it from another library

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