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Poetry on the Patio: 2007

Poetry on the Patio Video

2007 Poetry on the Patio

Poetry on the Patio
O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library
Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dan Gjelten
This Body by Joyce Sutphen

Ben Nebo
Somebody Blew up America by Amiri Baraka

Paul Strickland
One Source of Bad Information by Robert Bly

Shiromi Beach
I Dwell in Possiblilty by Emily Dickinson
The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Birdie Ramacher
In Sweet Company by Margaret Wolff

Susan Spray
An Anthology of Chinese Poems of the Sung Dynasty, I Pause to admire the Length and Clarity of Their Titles
by Billy Collins

Corrnine Carvalho
Everywoman Her own Theology by Alicia Ostriker

Meghan Davy
Dirge Without Music by Edna St. Vincent  Millay

C.B. (Rick) Rykken
Sonnet on Death (c.1904)
Day and Dark (c. 1902) by George Cabot Lodge

John Boyle
Choosing a Name by Anne Ridler

Simon Emms
Contributory Negligence by John Baine
Evidently Chicken Town by John Cooper Clarke

Dani Roach
As light Transcends Time by Meredith Trede
On Living: Lake Erie, 1971 by S. Kirk Walsh
Buddy by Marie Howe
V.I.P. Lounge by Carol Stevens Kner

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