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Poetry on the Patio: 2016

Enjoy Poetry in the Great Hall 2016! Too chilly outside today - but beautiful in the second floor of the library!

2016 Program

Poetry in the Great Hall
Tuesday, April 26, 2016

       Dan Gjelten                         


                                  Remember                                                                           Joy Harjo

       Linda Baughman        

                                 Little Summer Poem Touching on the Subject of Faith       Mary Oliver

                                  On turning ten                                                                     Billy Collins


       Jennifer Gish                       

                                  If                                                                                          Rudyard Kipling


       John Heintz                        

                                   The Sailor Boy                                                                     Alfred, Lord Tennyson

                                   The Secret of the Sea                                                         Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


       Carol Wilkie                        

                                     Prayer                                                                                Magda Herzberger  


       Mary Lou Wolsey               

                                      a short selection from Le Lac                                            Alphonse de Lamartine

                                      Le temps a laissé son manteau                                          Charles d’Orleans                


       Christopher Vance              

                                      The Woodlark                                                                     Gerard Manley Hopkins


       Kristi Ames                          

                                      Blue and Rising                                                                    Kevin Crossley-Holland

                                      Tired                                                                                    Shel Silverstein


       Ciara Parks                         

                                      The Moment                                                                         Margaret Atwood


       Jessica Gjerde                     

                                     Phenomenal Woman                                                              Maya Angelou

Books about and by some of today's authors