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Textbook Alternatives: Self-Customized Content

Of interest to faculty and students looking for alternatives to costly textbooks.

Contribute Your Own Texts and Courses


After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • state personal motivation for producing and using OERs
  • evaluate some examples of educational resources for active open learning
  • plan a structured learning experience using a range of resources
  • produce, release and use OER
  • understand how to evaluate teaching resources.


For Law Professors

Aspen - Custom Publishing Portal

Professors can create a customized version of a text - by excerpting and/or adding content to an existing text.  Most of Aspen's casebook line is available to customize.  Pricing is based on the page count and and permissions costs. The site has a video tutorial to walk you through the process.

West Academic - Law School Exchange

Law professors may view/download review copies of texts and casebooks online through this site.  Professors can also join this site and colloborate with their peers on the network to develop custom course materials. 

Your liaison librarian would be happy to explore these tools with you as an option for your courses.

Create and Share at OER Commons


Add your particular expertise to the wider community. Create Open Educational Resources (on your own, or with others) with our publishing tools. Our authoring tools help you build OER, lesson plans, and courses—and then publish them, to the benefit of educators and learners everywhere. Learn more about creating on OER Commons and get started.


In order to develop materials in Merlot II, you need to set up an account. Then it's all fun and games while you work for your students.


Develop an Open textbook or course

 Distribute via St Thomas's Research Online -- our Institutional Repository. Your materials can be made available to the world.

Other Institutional Repositories with OER content: