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Judaic Studies: Jewish Languages

A general introduction to library resources that support Judaic Studies.

Online Dictionaries / Language Tools


 MorFix : Modern Hebrew-English dictionary and morphological-syntactic Hebrew search engine.

Gesenius' Hebrew grammar:  Digitized versions on Internent Archive (download in different formats: PDF, Kindle, full-text); digitized in wikisource project Jewish Languages Research Website  Modern Hebrew  The Semantics of Ancient Hebrew Database


 Aramaic Lexicon Michael Sokoloff's A Dictionary of Jewish Palestinian Aramaic  


 Yiddish Sources: Complied and mainted by Dr.Gerben Zaagsma, Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, University College London.

Yiddish-English-Hebrew Dictionary / Harkavy, Alexander: Digitized version

 Yiddish Dictionary Online by Shalom Berger

Tools and Links

 Hebrew Transliteration Tool : Transcribe a word or a text written in one script (e.g. Hebrew) into another script (e.g. English).

 Lexicool: directory of bilingual and multilingual online dictionaries : The directory currently has links to over 6000 dictionaries and glossaries

Jewish Languages

Jewish Languages Research Website

Survey on American Jewish Language and Identity