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Judaic Studies: Israel Studies

A general introduction to library resources that support Judaic Studies.

Israel Studies

Reference, Statistics and Other Data

Bank of Israel Series Data  Edit or Delete link_598378  Get Quick StatsThe Central Bureau of Statistics (Israel)  Edit or Delete link_489349  Get Quick StatsGeobase: Israel Regional Database  Edit or Delete link_598334  Get Quick Stats 

Bibliographies, Study Guides

The Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies  Edit or Delete link_1321479  Get Quick StatsIsrael Social Sciences Database Center  Edit or Delete link_489346  Get Quick StatsThe Dayan Center Bibliographical Database  Edit or Delete link_598338  Get Quick StatsTopic Guide by the Center for Research Libraries


Legal Information

 The State of Israel: Judicial Authority: (Legal information)

Legal Research Guide: Israel (Library of Congress)

Media and the Arts

IMDb guide for Israel  Edit or Delete link_598335  Get Quick StatsIsrael Art Guide  Edit or Delete link_598344  Get Quick StatsIsraeli Music Channel on YouTube  Edit or Delete link_1773451  Get Quick StatsIsrael Sun: Photographic Agency  Edit or Delete link_1764360  Get Quick Stats

Lectures, Presentations

Hebrew University of Jerusalem on YouTube  Edit or Delete link_2107429  Get Quick StatsTel Aviv University on YouTube  Edit or Delete link_2107724  Get Quick StatsOpenOfiek on YouTube  Edit or Delete link_2107746  Get Quick Stats

Collections, Libraries and Archives

The Eliasaf Robinson Collection on Tel Aviv at Stanford University  Edit or Delete link_1200027  

Middle Eastern Studies

Ancient Near East and the Ancient Mediterranean world (ABZU):