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Judaic Studies: Web Sites

A general introduction to library resources that support Judaic Studies.

Note on Free Web Sites

Some basic web sites are listed throughout this guide, but rapid change in web based resources make such information out-of-date very quickly.

Please take note:

  • Controversial and/or unreliable web information is exceedingly common.  
  • ALWAYS consult your instructor before citing web sites in your work.
  • Popular resources like Wikipedia are often useful in the very first stages of research but be sure to move beyond them at the first opportunity.
  • Most instructors are reluctant to approve Wikiepdia citations in your paper itself.

General Web Sites

World Religions Web Sites


The Digital Archaeological Atlas of the Holy Land: An international project that combines Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with the archeology of the Holy Land (modern Israel, Palestine, Jordan, southern Lebanon, Syria and the Sinai Peninsula). Offered by the Archaeological Research Institute, in the School of Human Evolution and Culture Change, Arizona State University.

Archaeological Commentary and Reports: Offered by The Bible and Interpretation site.

Archaeological Excavations Relating to Jewish History: Information about excavations in different sites; offered by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Archaeology Resources: Offered by Cyberpursuits, a comercial site. 

The Bible's Buried Secrets (PBS): A companion website to NOVA program, exploring the Hebrew Bible from the perspective of biblical archeologists and scholars using text, video, and interactive features. 

Israel Antiquities Authority

West Semitic Documents: Images of inscriptions from biblical times; offered by K. C. Hanson from Fortres Press.

Judaism - Websites