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Judaic Studies: Getting Started

A general introduction to library resources that support Judaic Studies.

Judaism -- Definition

Judaism - the profession or practice of the Jewish religion; the religion of the Jews, with a belief in one God and a basis in Mosaic and rabbinical teachings (noun).

Source: Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, Ref PE 1635 .S47 2002

Major Areas in Field

Major subject areas of Jewish Studies

  • Judaism, broadly interpreted to include Jewish theology, rabbinical literature, Jewish classical texts and commentaries, liturgy and customs, religious law, mysticism, movements and sects, philosophy and ethics, and synagogue history.
  • Jewish history, a far-reaching field spanning 4,000 years of Jewish life in Paestine, modern Israel, and all countries of the Diaspora, with emphasis on America and Israel. Community history, demography, anti-Semitism, Zionism, Jewish-Arab relations, and the Holocaust are included in this area.
  • Israel is an integral part of Jewish Studies. Emphasis is on the cultural, political, and social aspects of Jewish life in modern Israel.
  • Bible including texts, commentaries, and criticism of the Hebrew scriptures related to the growth and development of Judaism and the Jewish people, written from a Jewish perspective.
  • Hebrew language and literature is collected selectively.

Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library

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Library of Congress Call Numbers

BM1-990 Judaism

1-449 General

70-135 Study and Teaching
150-449 History
201-449 By Region or Country

480-488.5 Pre-Talmudic Jewish Literature

487-488.5 Dead Sea Scrolls

495-532 Sources of Jewish Religion, Rabbinical Literature

497-509 Talmudic Literature
497-497.8 Mishnah
498 Palestinian Talmud
499-504.7 Babylonian Talmud
507-507.5 Baraita
508-508.5 Tosefta
510-518 Midrash
520-523.7 Halacha
525 Cabala
529 Jewish Tradition
534-538 Relation of Judaism to Special Subject Fields
545-582 Principles of Judaism (General)
585-585.2 Controversial Works Against the Jews
590-591 Jewish Works Against Christianity and Islam
600-645 Dogmatic Judaism
646 Heresy, Heresies
648 Apologetics

650-747 Practical Judaism

651-652.7 Rabbis, Priests, etc.
653-653.7 Congregations, Synagogues
654-655.6 The Tabernacle, The Temple
656-657 Forms of Worship
660-679 Liturgy and Ritual
690-695 Festivals and Fasts
700-720 Rites and Customs
723-729 Jewish Way of Life, Spiritual Life, Personal Religion
730-747 Preaching, Homiletics
750-755 Biography
900-990 Samaritans

Jewish American Heritage Month

World Religions Online

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