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Judaic Studies: Sacred Texts

A general introduction to library resources that support Judaic Studies.

Judaic Primary Texts

Jewish Bible: Tanakh and Mishneh Torah: The Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) in five editions (one with cantillation marks), English (JPS 1917), parallel Hebrew and English (voweled Hebrew and JPS English), and parallel Hebrew and French (voweled Hebrew and Rabbinat French); Mishneh Torah.

The Jewish Library: WikiSource (Hebrew interface): A repository of source Hebrew texts which are either in the public domain or are released under the cc-by-sa 3.0 license.

Online Treasury of Talmudic Manuscripts: This database brings together images of major Talmudic manuscripts from libraries throughout the world. A collaborative project of the National Library of Israel, David and Fela Shapell Family Digitization Project and the Hebrew University Department of Talmud.

Rabbinic Literature: Legends from the Bavli and Yerushalmi Talmud as they appear in Ein Yaakov, with commentary and links to additional information. Part of the Daat Project, Hertzog College.

In Hebrew

Tanakh: Offered by Israeli educational foundations. Includes different view options as well as other primary Judaic texts.

Tanakh - Jewish Bible in Hebrew: Offered by Mechon Mamre, Jerusalem.

Tanakh with Rashi Commentary (Hebrew/English): offered by Chabad. Click the Show Rashi's Commentary box on the upper right to activate.

General Sources