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RefWorks Instructions: Save Citations

RefWorks is an online research management, writing and collaboration tool -- it's designed to help researchers easily gather, manage, store and share all types of information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies.

Adding Citations from GET IT

A really quick and easy way to import citations (and only citations, abstracts are not included) into Refworks is via the GET IT button. While not perfect, the citation has already been formatted.  Using this method allows you the same experience regardless of which resource you are using.  No special instructions are needed.  This is about as direct as you can get if you're looking to get citations in to Refworks. 

Once in any database, click the GET IT button. Whether or not the library has the full-text doesn't matter. Simply click EXPORT/SAVE to download the citation to Refworks:

Adding References "Automatically" From a Database or Catalog

Adding References "Automatically"

Many online library databases and catalogs are compatible with RefWorks. In that case...

  • there will be a direct export feature that lets you send references straight into your RefWorks account by marking records and hitting a button or link, or
  • you will save the references to an intermediate location, such as your desktop, and then import them into your RefWorks account.

See our RefWorks Import Instructions by Database and locate the name of the database or catalog where you found your references to see which method to use and the steps to take.

If the database or catalog you're looking for isn't on the list, you can add your references to RefWorks manually as described below.  Or, ask a librarian for assistance.

Adding Resource Manually

Adding References Manually

If the online resource you're using doesn't support a direct export or import of references into RefWorks, or if you've located a print source you'd like to cite in RefWorks, you can create a reference manually.  To see the steps for a manual addition to RefWorks, click the following link:

1. Log in to RefWorks
2. Select the References on the gray dropdown menu,

3. Click on Add New

4. Once you click on Add New you will need to fill in the page with as much information as your source provides.  Getting the View fields used by and  Ref Type selection correct to match your desired bibliography style and the type of citation you have is key: it will reset the form with the commonly-used fields for that style and citation type.

RefGrab-It: Citations for Web Pages

RefGrab-It allows you to import web page information into RefWorks. RefGrab-It only grabs as much information as the web page provides such as the title of the web page, the address and the date the page was accessed.

Download RefGrab-It from RefWorks by:

  1. Going to Tools
  2. Then RefGrab-It. Follow the installation instruction which will place RefGrab-It in your Internet Explorer or FireFox bookmarks.

To use RefGrab-It

  1. When you are on a web page you want to grab information from, click on the RefGrab-It in your bookmark  or in Internet Explorer, you can select Favorites or Links
  2. A RefWorks temporary results page will open and the date will  be displayed. This pages shows:
    • a link back to the web page where the information came
    • basic information gathered from the web page
    • supplemental information that RefGrab-It has found related to the page
  3. To add the web page information to your RefWorks account. click on the import button.
  4. If you are not logged into your RefWorks account, you will be prompted to log in. Otherwise, your records will appear in the last imported folder.