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Homiletics: Search Terms

Homiletic Preparation Guides, Methods, and Resources.

Fra Angelico: St Peter Preaching

Sample Catalog Subject Searches

These searches are already done for you.  Try doing your own searches using the subject terms to the right....

Search Terms

Search Terms

Below are some commonly used subject terms for exegesis resources and preaching material. Use them to search for books and articles:

 Note: In the Library Catalog searching is not case sensitive and no punctuation is needed.  See the Searching guides on the Articles tab for suggestions for searching the databases.

baptism sermons

Bible - commentaries

Bible - criticism, interpretation, etc.

Bible - homiletical use

Bible. N.T. (book) - commentaries

Bible. N.T. (book) - criticism, interpretation, etc.

Bible N.T. - commentaries

Bible N.T. - criticism, interpretation, etc.

Bible N.T. - homiletical use

Bible. O.T. (book) - commentaries

Bible. O.T. (book) - criticism, interpretation, etc.

Bible O.T. - commentaries

Bible O.T. - criticism, interpretation, etc.

Bible O.T. - homiletical use

Catholic Church - sermons

Catholic preaching

funeral sermons

lay preaching

lectionary preaching

lectionary preaching - Catholic Church

public worship

public worship - Catholic Church

public worship - Catholic Church - planning



sermons, American

wedding sermons


Subject Guide

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