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Qualitative Research Guide: Finding Related Articles

Resources in the library and beyond to help plan, design, evaluate, engage in and write up qualitative research.

  I've found some articles...

Your professor or librarian has probably told you that when you find an article, you should look at the references at the end to find more articles on your topic. An excellent idea! But what if this article were written in 1980. The article is alread almost 35 years old! If you look at the references, you're looking at articles from the 1970's. Some from the 1950's.

How can you find more recent articles?

Many databases allow "Times cited in the database," "Cited by" or similar possibilites.

With these articles you can find what had been published AFTER.

  • After the perfect article exactly on the topic you were interested in, but published 15 years ago.
  • Surely someone had published since?
  • How could you look into the future from that article to today?
  • Perhaps someone had cited that perfect article.

  You Can Play for Days =P

However, there are a few problems.

The worst is that the citations are lifted directly from the references in the back of articles and books, meaning that there are many errors in the database.

Expect to find errors of authors' names, publication dates, page and volume numbers, journal titles, etc. There are some guides to help you with this, but it is a definite problem.

The second problem is that you can really play for days in here, wandering around a winding road, leading off into lands of great interest that can distract you from your major focus. It might help to keep your topic statement somewhere nearby for those days when you absolutely have to get your work done and have no time for those more enticing bits of research play.

Good luck. Have fun. And contact me if you'd like some help or more information!

Which Databases have Cited by?

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