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International Family Law



  • A Commentary on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.  A 17-volume series by various authors.  Each volume covers one article of the convention.  (Not all article are covered.)  To find full information about the series go to the CLICnet catalog, pull down the "Keyword" box, choose "Series" and enter the series title.
  • Trevor Buck, International Child Law (Cavendish Publishing 2005).  HAM Law Treatises K639.B83 2005.  Can be ordered through CLIC catalog.
  • Sara Dillon, International Children's Rights (Carolina Academic Press 2010).  HAM Law Treatises K639.D555 2010.  Can be ordered through CLIC catalog.
  • Intercountry Adoptions : Laws and Perspectives of "Sending" Countries (Eliezer D. Jaffe ed.,M. Nijhoff Publishers  1995).  HAM Law Treatises   K704.Z9 I58 1995.  Can be ordered through CLIC catalog.
  • Franziska Humbert, The Challenge of Child Labour in International Law (Cambridge University Press 2009).  UST-LAW Stacks K1821.H86 2009.
  • Jasper, Margaret C., International Adoption (Oceana Pubs 2003).   HAM Law Treatises   KF545.Z9 J37 2003.    Can be ordered through CLIC catalog.
  • Aisling Parkes, Children and International Human Rights Law:  The Right of the Child to Be Heard (Routledge-Cavendish 2008).
  • Rita J. Simon, Adoption Across Borders : Serving The Children In Transracial And Intercountry Adoptions (Rowman & Littlefield 2000).   Available in various locations in the CLIC consortium.  Can be ordered through CLIC catalog.
  • Simon, Rita J., In Their Own Voices : Transracial Adoptees Tell Their Stories (Columbia University Press 2000).  Available in various locations in the CLIC consortium.  Can be ordered through CLIC catalog.
  • Simon, Rita J., In Their Parents’ Voices :  Reflections on Raising Transracial Adoptees (Columbia University Press 2007).  Available in various locations in the CLIC consortium.  Can be ordered through CLIC catalog.
  • Simon, Rita J., In Their Siblings; Voices : White Non-Adopted Siblings Talk About Their Experiences Being Raised With Black and Biracial Brothers and Sisters (Columbia University Press 2009).  Available in various locations in the CLIC consortium.  Can be ordered through CLIC catalog.



Articles are available in HeinOnline unless otherwise noted. 

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