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Doing Research in Education?--Where to Start!: MTLE Tests

This is a beginner's guide for doing research in education. It has information about resources for the field of education for new researchers; whether they be a graduate or undergraduate student and taking classes on campus, or in an off-campus cohort.

Minnesota Teacher Licensing Examinations (MTLE)

Since 2010, MTLE have been the means of evaluating the basic skills, pedgogical, and content area knowledge for new teachers in Minnesota.

This document outlines what is required for initial licensure in Minnesota.

Minnesota Licensure Testing Requirements

Learn more about each test from the MTLE site.

MTLE Tests

MTLE Test Prep eBooks

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The Libraries have study guides and sample tests for some (but not all) of the tests through the Mometrix eLibrary database:

The following titles are available in Mometrix. The "Secrets" books contain study strategies, a review of the main concepts you need to know for each exam, as well as one practice test. The "Practice Questions" books are, well, full of practice questions.

  • Basic Skills Secrets
  • Chemistry Secrets
  • Communication Arts/Literature Secrets
  • Early Childhood Education Secrets
  • Earth and Space Science Secrets
  • Elementary Education Practice Questions
  • Elementary Education Secrets
  • English as a Second Language Secrets
  • Health Secrets
  • Instrumental Classroom Music Secrets
  • Life Science Secrets
  • Mathematics Secrets
  • Middle Level Mathematics Secrets
  • Middle Level Science Practice Questions
  • Middle Level Science Secrets
  • Middle Level Social Studies Practice Questions
  • Middle Level Social Studies Secrets
  • Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills Secrets
  • Pedagogy: Early Childhood Secrets
  • Pedagogy: Elementary Practice Questions
  • Pedagogy: Elementary Secrets
  • Pedagogy: Secondary Practice Questions
  • Pedagogy: Secondary Secrets
  • Physical Education Secrets
  • Physics Secrets
  • Reading Teacher Secrets
  • Social Studies Practice Questions
  • Social Studies Secrets
  • Special Education Core Skills Secrets
  • Vocal Classroom Music Secrets