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Marketing Resources: Industry Reports for Nonprofits

Use this guide to find a variety of resources for marketing research: company and industry profiles, marketing plans, target markets, and customer demographics.

ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry: Industry Reports for Nonprofits

Here are some examples of First Research nonprofit industry profiles available in ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry:

  • Business & professional associations
  • Child care services
  • Colleges & universities
  • Government sector
  • Legal services
  • Membership organizations
  • Nonprofit institutions
  • Private schools K-12
  • Public schools K-12
  • Religious organizations
  • Social assistance
  • US municipal governments

IBISWorld: Industry Reports for Nonprofits

If you are doing marketing research for educational or nonprofit organizations (colleges & universities, schools, daycares, churches, etc.), you can still use IBISWorld and its NAICS codes for background on the industry. For example:

  • After-school program providers (OD5884)
  • Charter schools (OD4993)
  • Civic, social & youth organizations (81341)
  • Colleges & universities (61131a)
  • Day care (62441)
  • Donations, grants & endowments (81321)
  • Early childhood learning centers (OD5718)
  • For-profit universities (61131b)
  • Nursery schools (OD6035)
  • Private schools (61111b)
  • Public schools (61111a)
  • Religious organizations, including churches (81311)