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Special Education: Multimedia and Web 2.0

A guide for someone beginning to do research in special education.

Think Multimedia

Information isn't just in print form anymore.  Here are some sources related to special education in other types of media.  Try them out.

Blogs, etc.

Here are a few blogs on topics related to special education.  I am only providing a link to the blog.  If you wish to subscribe to any of them, feel free to do so.

Films on Demand - Streaming Video Database

Films on DemandWatch streaming video titles in art, business, engineering, history, languages, literature, psychology, sociology, sciences and more. Thousands of full-length videos available. Advanced Search.

Other Video Sources

iPad Apps

The Apple iPad is being praised as a tool to use with children with special needs.  Here are a few links to try if you are looking for more information on this topic.

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