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Moral Theology: Opposing Viewpoints

Moral thought begins in the conscience informed by natural law. The Ten Commandments and Jesus' life are the foundations for Catholic moral action, which has resulted in the Church's strong social teachings.

Opposing Viewpoints



Explore BOTH SIDES of a wide range of important social issues, such as euthanasia, censorship, gun control, and narcotics. Includes topic overviews, statistics, tables, images, biographies, websites, and articles from periodicals and newspapers. Again - this is from two perspectives on each issue -- these will help you choose a side and make a case against the opposing view...

Wikipedia List of Conservative, Centrist, and Liberal Think Tanks

Some basic web sites are listed throughout this guide, but rapid change in web based resources make such information out-of-date very quickly.

Please take note:

  • Controversial and/or unreliable web information is exceedingly common.  
  • ALWAYS consult your instructor before citing web sites in your work.
  • Popular resources like Wikipedia are often useful in the very first stages of research but be sure to move beyond them at the first opportunity.
  • Most instructors are reluctant to approve Wikiepdia citations in your paper itself.

U.S. Public Policy Issues