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Resource Lists: How-To Documentation: Reordering Citations: Bag It

Instructions for faculty and staff for adding and managing Resource Lists in Canvas

Bag It Process

To avoid having to "Drag & Drop" to reorder Citations, you can perform a multi-step process to 1) select one or more Sections or Citations, and then 2) click to insert the selected Citations below any other Section or Citation. The selected items are placed into a temporary clipboard, called My Bag. The actions in Resource Lists are presented as Bag It (to place the item in My Bag), Unbag It (to remove the item from My Bag), or move all items in My Bag from their existing locations to the selected location. My Bag is emptied after the items are moved.

Selecting Items to put in My Bag

Select Bag It from the citation menu for each citation that you want to move:

Bag It: select items for moving


Selected citations are highlighted in the list and appear in the Selected Items pane:

Bag It selected items


To un-select the item, you can a) click Remove in the My Bag pane, or b) select Unbag It from the citation menu of the citation. Note that the citations remain in their current locations, and My Bag becomes empty, if you navigate away from the current reading list.

Moving Citations That Are In My Bag

Locate and hover your mouse over the citation after which you want to insert all selected citations. An insert bar with a pointer icon appears under the citation.

Bag It: Move Citations From My Bag


Click the insert bar to move the selected citations to the new location. The selected citations are moved after the located citation. A dashed border briefly appears around the moved citations. All citations become un-selected.

Bag It: Moved Items