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Resource Lists: How-To Documentation: My Collection/Citation Managers

Instructions for faculty and staff for adding and managing Resource Lists in Canvas

Save, Store, and Reuse Citations Using My Collection

In addition to lists meant to be shared, the Resource Lists add-on also offers a citation manager called "My Collection" which can store citations for later use. "Add Item" works the same way it does elsewhere, and there is Import/Export functionality under the three dot menu: 

My Collections page 

To open your My Collection while creating a Resource List, click on the Open Collection button. Your collection will open in the right sidebar, and you can drag and drop citations into your Resource List:

Open Collection button

Citations added directly to a Resource List are not added to your My Collection. To copy a Citation from a Resource List to your My Collection. click on the three dot menu to the right of the Citation, and choose "Copy to my collection":

Copy from Resource List to My Collection

RefWorks Integration With My Collection

You can export from RefWorks as an RIS file type, and then you can import in Leganto with that file type. Some of the linkages are lost in translation on some citations, but it is a good way to move citation info over in bulk to your “My Collection”. You can export a folder or your entire collection.

There is a RefWorks integration in the software for our “legacy” version of RefWorks. If you’ve switched to the new RefWorks interface, ProQuest has not developed an API for it yet, so Resource Lists cannot currently integrate with it. 

To setup the legacy RefWorks integration, enter your RefWorks login and password info under your profile by first clicking on your name in the top-right corner, then choosing User Settings, and then entering the info for RefWorks under Citation Managers:

User Settings

Use the My Collection toggle button to see your collection and integrations. Once you can see your RefWorks citations, you can drag and drop them into your Resource List:

RefWorks integration

Zotero Integration With My Collection

The Zotero integration works in a similar way to the RefWorks integration. Follow the directions on the User Settins page to get your API key and then enter it along with your username to access your Zotero data:

User Settings for Zotero