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Resource Lists: How-To Documentation: Communicating with Library Staff

Instructions for faculty and staff for adding and managing Resource Lists in Canvas

Communicating with Library Staff

There are two ways of communicating with library staff: 1) via email and 2) via the interface's Library Discussion functionality. Email is the better option, but first contact with the library can also be made via Library Discussion from particular citations.

Communicating with Library Staff via email

Please contact your "home library" to communicate about your Resource List:

O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library: Tina Witzel

Ireland Library: Mason Mitchell

Keffer Library: Bill Zych

Law Library: Stefanie Hollmichel

Media & Music: Cindy Badilla-Melendez

If you do not know your home library, contact Resource Lists Program Manager Greg Argo, who will connect you with the appropriate staff member.

Useful Links

In the bottom left-hand corner of the Resource Lists interface is an area called "Useful Links." Click to see options:

  1. How-to Documentation: this is a link to this guide
  2. Contact the Library/Report a Problem: this link will open an email to someone at the Library who can field any question you have about Resource Lists

Useful links

Communicating with Library Staff via the interface's Library Discussion functionality

The Library Discussion functionality can only be initiated from a citation, so if you need to communicate about your overall Resource List or Section, that needs to be done by emailing the contact at the appropriate library.

To contact the library about a Citation beyond what you can communicate with Request Tags, you can open the Citation Detail page and scroll down to the "Library discussion" area and click on "Send a message to library staff". The Library Discussion window will open and you can type in your comment. Library staff will be notified next time they login to the system:

Send a message to library staff via Library Discussion

If you contact library staff via Library Discussion, they will return a message via your St. Thomas email instead of via the Library Discussion functionality. Although there is a way for library staff to respond, there is no alert or notification that makes it easy for you to see there is a response besides digging into the citation to check.