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Resource Lists: How-To Documentation: Option 2: Create List from My Lists menu

Instructions for faculty and staff for adding and managing Resource Lists in Canvas

Add a New List

To create a Resource List from the My Lists screen, click New List and add a Title to your Resource List. The title could be the same as your Course, but doesn’t have to be, and the Description field is optional. Click Create to move to the next step:

Add a new resource list

Choose a Templae

Next, select a template, or choose Blank to create your own list structure:

Choose a template

Associate to your Course

As mentioned previously, during the pilot your course info will be added manually. If it has been entered, please associate your course at this point of the workflow. To do so, choose Associate List and search by Course Title, Instructor Name, or SIS ID. The search will autosuggest possible matches:

Associate to your course

If your Course has not been added to the system yet, there is no harm in creating a Resource List and associating it with the Course once everything is setup. In this case, choose “Not Now” and you can associate it later via the menu under the ellipsis button in your Resource List:

Associate your course later

Navigate the Resource Lists Interface

Resource Lists left navigationYour left navigation will contain:

  • My Lists, which are your Resource Lists
  • My Collection, which is a place to store citations you may want to use later
  • Notifications, which is where you can see events that have happened to one of your Resource Lists or Courses, including library processing updates
  • Find Lists, which is a way to search for other Resource Lists at St. Thomas
  • Reports, which is where you access the metrics for student engagement/usage