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Resource Lists: How-To Documentation: Step 3: Send/Publish List

Instructions for faculty and staff for adding and managing Resource Lists in Canvas

IMPORTANT: Send List and Publish List

Step 3: Send/Publish List

Send List:
When you are ready for library staff to begin processing your list (fulfilling digitization, purchasing, licensing, and course reserves requests and testing links), you must hit the "Send List" button on your Reading List to notify them you want them to start working on it! You must "Send List" again if you continue adding citations or the Library won't be notified of the new citations.

Publish List:
Your list isn't visible to students until it is changed from Draft to Published. Feel free to change this setting yourself. When the library staff is finished processing your list, they will check to see if it is Published. If it isn't, they will change it from Draft to Published. If you would prefer it not be Published, you can change it back to Draft or let staff know you don't want it published when you send it. Visibility can also be managed with Start and End Dates.

Send List to Hand-Off to the LIbrary

To hand-off the resource list to the library staff for processing, click the "Send List" button. You can Send List multiple times as you work through the list, especially if it is a longer list:

Send List to the library for processing

After sending, you will see a confirmation message like the one below, and library staff will receive a notification that a new list is ready to be processed:

Send to Library confirmation message

Publish List to Make It Visible to Students

DRAFT or PUBLISHED status appears prominently on both your My Lists page and on each individual Resource List's page. If a list is in DRAFT status, it is not visible to students. To change the DRAFT/PUBLISHED setting from inside a resource list, click on the three dots underneath the list title. It is the first setting in the menu list:

publish list

Adding to a Resource List After It is Published

You can add to a Resource List after it has been Published. Your citations will be visible immediately without having to "re-Publish" the list. Just remember to click "Send List" again after adding new materials so they can be processed by the Library as needed.