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Resource Lists: How-To Documentation: Activate in Canvas

Instructions for faculty and staff for adding and managing Resource Lists in Canvas

Activate Resource Lists in your course

1. To see Resource Lists in your Canvas course: Click on Settings, then choose the Navigation Tab:

Activating Resource Lists in your Canvas course


2. Scroll to the bottom, locate “Resource List” and drag it up into the top section and click Save to activate it in your left sidebar navigation:

Move Resource Lists to active area

Set Cookie

The first time you access Resource Lists through Canvas on your computer, or after you delete your borwser's cookies, it may prompt you to open Resource Lists in a new tab/window. This sets a cookie needed for the integration to function. When prompted, go ahead and open in a new tab, then close the resulting new tab, and return to Canvas. Next time you click on Resource Lists, it should open in the Canvas frame:

Set cookie

How to View as a Student

Canvas's Student View, which you use to preview other parts of Canvas as a student, is not how you preview as a student in your Resource List. If you attempt to use Canvas's Student View , you will see the following error page:

Response Code 400 Username is missing when using Canvas Student View

There is a Student View available within Resouece Lists at the List level under the three dot menu: