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FINC 718/Mergers & Acquisitions: SEC Filings & Company Financial Data

This site is designed to provide FINC 718 students quick access to company and industry research databases.

SEC Filings in EDGAR

Publicly-traded companies must file financial statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the body that oversees all U.S. stock exchanges. The most useful is the 10-K, an official audited document that includes similar information from a prospectus or annual report, but provides additional updated financial information on corporate activities. Filings can be found at the SEC's Edgar Database.

These SEC filings are the basis for a company's annual report as well as of the financial statements found in our databases. Click here for a video tutorial on finding them. 

More about EDGAR

EDGAR is the Securities & Exchange Commission's (SEC) public website for finding and retrieving required periodic company information filings.