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The New RefWorks: Adding Citations

Let RefWorks do the Work for You!

Use "export" from within databases Use the "Save to RefWorks" button on your bookmark bar


Using the Export to RefWorks option from within databases

Search library databases, including Summon, and export your references directly to RefWorks. Usually you need to use the option Export or Export to RefWorks."

If you are a previous RefWorks user, remember to login to your New RefWorks account prior to exporting so that your export will go to the right place.

Layout of Summon for saving to RefWorks

From Summon 

  1. Scroll over the citation.
  2. Click "Cite".
  3. In 'Export as". Choose RefWorks


(eg., Academic Search Premier,  ERIC, Philosopher's Index, or SocINDEX)

Layout for Ebsco databases and RefWorks

From Ebsco

  1. Click  "Export".
  2. In the pop up,"Direct Export to RefWorks" will already be selected.
  3. Click on "Save."

Saving articles from the Web using Save to RefWorks

The button "Save to RefWork"s button installs into any browser.

This works best with pages that have code in their source to tell  RefWorks how to use it (metadata). Any of our databases should work, but they are most helpful in PubMed - and IBIS World - type databases where the export function is confusing. (Save the pdf from IBISWorld and upload it into RefWorks).

Go under your name and click on the Tools link. Then follow instructions to drag the button to your bookmark bar.

Tools Menu

When you're at the article, database, or website you like, click on the Save to RefWorks button. Your page will look like this: a window open on the right hand side that will allow you to enter information, edit the information, or drop a pdf into your RefWorks record:

PubMed record with RefWorks opened on the side.

NOTE: Save to RefWorks does not work the same on all sites. On some sites you can only save references (i.e., citation information). On others, you can save full-text documents in addition to its reference.

Adding references manually

When other automated methods fail or you want to add your own papers to RefWorks (great way to keep everything you write for your whole academic career! or to keep chapters of your dissertation), use this manual method. To add the item, click the "Add"  icon at the top of the page in RefWorks.  If you plan on adding the item to an existing collection, click on the collection first, then click the "Add  icon.

RefWorks can sometimes scrape information directly from your pdf, but this doesn't work too well. We suggest you type in the data  yourself

You can drag and drop a document (.pdf, .doc, etc.) directly into the "Drop file here" box or click "select a file from your computer" to upload an existing MS Office, Open Office or .pdf file from your computer.   Only 1 document per item allowed. 

Tip:  If you have multiple documents to add to RefWorks you can select and drag them all at once.  Flow will create separate items for each.

You can change the reference type, manually edit the reference fields and additional fields can be added using the "Add more fields" drop down box at the bottom of the page. 

Once you have manually added your item using one of these options, click "Save" and your item will be added to your Flow library