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ENGL482: Capstone Seminar Spring 2022: LC: Subject Headings

A Library Resource Guide for ENGL482-D01 and ENGL482-D02 Capstone Seminar, Dr. Wilkinson, Spring 2022

Library of Congress Classification

What is LC?

Simply put, the LC classification system groups together library materials on similar subjects by call numbers.There are 21 main LC call number classifications or classes.



The "power of browsing":

Libraries use classification systems to organize their materials on the shelves. A classification system uses letters and/or numbers (call numbers) to arrange the materials on the same topic are together. This arrangement results in "serendipitous browsing:" identify one book in the catalog, go to the shelf, and, an even better book is sitting right next to it.

Remember: the Call Number is the address of the book (or video, etc.)

LOC Catalog